Mom Dad Homes - Turning Vision into Reality

Mom Dad Homes was created to help people to consider all angles of what they need to consider before taking that plunge. It is created with the intention as well, that family members have constructive things to discuss and march forward as a family unit. You cannot imagine how such a major project where people go through together, could build incredible bonds with each other. 

Three foundational videos are created to support this culture, and you are free to share with your friends, help your community and make a difference to people lives.

Lesson 1: Approaching from the Core – What are the tough questions parents faced that often cloud their decision making ability

Lesson 2: The Cherry for YOU in the Playground – Value and Needs, can we not choose one, but both?

Lesson 3: Closer Than What You Think – Touching the possibilities

Bonus Video

Complete the Training Series and start taking charge by designing a property master plan that integrates with your and goals.