From Adversity to An Unexpected Encounter with Diamond

Getting to know this Diamond Cutter Family is one of the most important transformation for Pear and I. In 2014, we experienced a major down fall. We tried to venture a new market and failed badly and resulted in financial loss and a long period without income. At that time Pear and I have already dated for ten years and getting married is what we are looking forward to. But with that situation we are in, I would never have the guts to propose to her, out aside giving her a good marriage.

Whatever task or idea I have tried to do to salvage the situation of no income, non of them work. We have to eat bread, I would head home to eat Maggie mee and didn’t dare to spend outside. One day Pear said this shakily “why even eating a meal have to be so painful or pitiful”. I don’t want to even remember how low I felt as a guy.

I went home early, we don’t know what to do and thus we are really free. There was a book I read only ten pages and it’s hanging on my book shelf and for some reason I felt I need to read it. I have nothing to do, might as well read something.

The reason I read only ten pages last time, was that I find it boring. But it was totally different this time when I read, word after word, sentence after sentence I was so absorbed in it that I began to think deeply, trying to digest the contents in the book. The more I read the deeper it goes, and it forced me to look really deep in myself.

I shared with Pear on some of the thinking I have been doing the next few days about the book and she thought I gone mad. I have never spoken such things and she finds it too extreme and abstract.

Later I learn that over many parts of the world, there are groups that are established to gather people and study the contents together regularly. I searched online and delighted to discover that singapore has a few groups. I asked her to go with me and I was very surprised she was very open to the idea.

We attended the first session and it was a life changing moment for us. The group did not tell us the answers we need. They helped us find our own answers to our pressing problems. We are in awe after learning the concepts but yet skeptical. However our downward spiral situation did not allow us to think too much. We have tried every other ways we can think of and those did not work.

At the moment, the instinct was to give this method that is a based on ancient teachings a try.

Within a very short period of time, we managed to get out of the hole and become happier and more successful. We are so grateful to have come across this system and this community of like minded people. We started to serve in this community also, with the intention to give back and help others who are going through what we went through. And this without us knowing, has become a precious family to us.

When our first miscarriage happened, I witness how strong was my wife. Sad she may be, but she wasted no time to be depressed and understand what the whole thing is, what it represent and meant and how should we “use” this ”emptiness”?

When our son was born, we knew that we wanted the principles from the Diamond Cutter to be the foundation of our parenting. In fact we are already trying to practice the the ideas in every aspect of our lives.

We are serving and volunteering in this community, we can and love to share our experiences but we felt that we are not qualified to be the ones to share the principles.

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Hope you enjoy these and would love to hear from you, what you think about these? Did you try? Or keen to give it a try?