How Do You Describe This Incredible Joy?

The fateful day 02 Oct 2019 arrives and we are in the operation theatre ready to welcome our son.

Every second I could still recall now and the amazing feeling of seeing him making his first cry is incredible. There was no time to waste, the nurse immediately ask me to supervise the checking, they need to check if he got the right amount of fingers and toes and ensure he is healthy.

I’m so glad that this technical process distracted me from all the blood I would see.

When Kayzen first opened his eyes, maybe it was coincidence, but I was right in front of him. He smirked or smiled, maybe expressing his joy. I can’t be sure does he has the capability to do so yet, but that was the feeling I got and it is simply amazing.

At that moment, I knew my world has changed, the purpose I live have transformed and I have the chance to be the best version I can ever be.