Mothers – The Most Important Profession of the World

The mother before my mother lived through the World war 2 period. I did not get to see her but I would guess she did not have much to offer to my mother in terms of financial and education, but, she gave birth to my mother, sacrificed to a humdrum life of dirty diapers and house cleaning I can only imagined.

Both my mother and my wife’s mother lived through the post war period and see their country bloom. They were in a much better environment compared to their mothers, to give and provide to their children. They decided that the best way to create meaningful impact to the world is to improve the world’s people, by simply grooming their children. Due to circumstances in their generations, they do not have access to the luxury of education. And thus, their priority was to make sure we have.

The mother of my son, who went to university, and have access to Internet, gas or electric stove, washing machine, maybe a airfryer, microwave and even a Haenim steriliser, will have relatively more to offer in terms of time, education & financial, to groom the next generation.

It seems that what a single mother are able to provide her best in the given conditions and environment, can in fact represent her whole generation and what is mind blowing is that every generation of mothers are being upgraded to be able to nurture the next generation better.

I hope, and we all want our children to live in a more peaceful world, with better technology, better community better and kinder people who look out for one and another.

Our generation can change the world. From the blueprint given to us from our ancestors, we must start from the man in the mirror. Our children take it from where we left off and from there, open up a whole new world.

Being a parent now, I see the interconnectedness of generations with more perspective, and I am ever more amazed with respect of the great and important work from