We Are Really Becoming Parents?!

Because of our previous miscarriage episode, we want to keep our sanity in place and be calm and not be overly excited when we learn about Pear is pregnant again.

The first trimester gone pass and we could feel it was much different from the first pregnancy. She is happier and much healthier this time. Now it gets real but we still wish to contain our excitement.

Then, I realized the first job as a father is to decide a name, oh, that was fun!

Kayzen is the name we both decided instinctively after many rounds of debate. The meaning has roots from Zen philosophy and we hope Kayzen would embrace the dharma and learn the seeds system and emptiness. It also means calm, confident and having a healthy curiosity to learn.

This photo with Geshe Michael Roach and Kayzen’s Godma is priceless. We thought the best gift we can give our child was a community of like minded people who practice a culture together. And we have discovered of this highly committed people who using using the ancient principles to apply in their real life. We have benefitted a lot from this and our lives filled with much meaning. And we hope with this community available, our child could then find meaning in this life and eventually live a happy and purposeful life.

There was an interesting debate between Pear and I regarding should we buy the Cordlife, which is a storage service for our child cord and placenta. Everyone around us says that it is not necessary and we decided to save that money.

Then one day I recalled what Geshe Michael shared in one of his lesson, that, why do we make such a big deal in filiality is because the body we got from our parents, we need it and we could perhaps reach enlightenment within this lifetime.

Wow. It was big. It daunt unto me that we are really becoming parents and we have a huge responsibility ahead. When our kid will be born, the very first task will be to protect this little life. It is not just the matter that we are his parents but also for the understanding that we got to do everything we can to provide him the best chance to reach whatever level of enlightenment he wants to. Not that we are expecting but we should also try to be the best version of parents we can be.

We did go ahead to buy the cordlife package and we are proud of our choice.

Throughout this pregnancy we really experience the joy of interacting with him through Pear’s stomach. He would kick and response in a way that it seems he understands we are eager to see him.

Just really looking forward to see him soon.