Why We Prefer An Alternative Route for Our Kid’s Education

When Kayzen is about 1.5monhs old, I was getting used to the nighttime routine and have some bandwidth to think about what’s next for him. I was exposed to the idea of Montessori style and begin to read up and even bought a book on it. Pear and I even went to visit childcare centers that are incorporating Montessori style.

The principals and teachers would think that we are too eager. Haha, and yes I guess we are too eager ????.

However we were happy to have done this as we learned that most schools only start with minimum 6months and we don’t prefer infant care at all.

I was reading a book by Glenn Doman given by a friend and learn many amazing facts about the developing brain of a baby. It seems that this little brain is incredible in learning and absorbing. However, there is an window or sensitive periods in early brain development for about 6 years.