Our First child…

i’m Kenn Chu, married to an amazing woman, Pearlyn Tan.

I respected my dad the most. In fact I feel he has the most influence to who I am today, and I continue to look up to him. Thus, I always like to ask what he does, what he is like during his younger days, but he ain’t an expressive person. How I wish there is somewhere I can read up about him.

This is the inspiration of this website, it is to document the parts and parcel of our parenthood and the decisions we make and why we make.

At this point, we realized that parenting and property have integrated nicely into our lives and we have an unique opportunity to help many people to do so as well, so that we can become role models to the next generation. For one day, our beloved child – Kayzen, will see and get to read. Daddy & Mummy hope our stories and how we think & live, could be beneficial to your life.

Why It Started
When my first born arrived, everything in my life moved to an entirely new level.

Everyday, I am soaked with the bliss of having a big harmonious family – my side of great parents & siblings, an amazing wife & her side of wonderful family. Then, an awakening thought comes to me, that, someday, just like any movie I’m enjoying, shall come to an end. When that day comes, whats next?

I must savour every moment now to the fullest I have, with my love ones not because of the fear that this will one day end, but with the liberating intention of making others lives better and together, we can all be at a better place.

We are self employed, and are experiencing challenges balancing our careers and being parents, we feel we aren’t the only ones out there.
We experimented with the system of Pearlyn handling the parenting part and myself with the property part. Of course, it is impossible to have a clear segregation, and balancing is the art.

I recalled that I used to think that money is no good, and to earn money, one must work very very hard. Astoundingly, the people I see in my environment, spend most of our lifetime earning money, and yet, we know money isn’t the thing we should be pursuing in this very precious life we have. I have this mindset because I grow up with observing people earning money in a really tough way.

It dawned on me that I want to be a role model to my son that earning money should be fun, interesting and passionate. Helping people to get better lives is a liberating and transforming process, and it should be done with lots of fun. As we get more and more efficient in our careers, we can have more and more time pursing the truly important things and wisdom in life, stuffs like why are we really here for.

Mom Dad Home welcomes everyone, in this same train we are on, to share experiences and to rejoice our joy together.

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