Hi, my name is Kenn Chu. Welcome to this personal journal.

Mom Dad Homes is a combination of two major areas in my life – Parenting & Property, which I constantly seek improvement so that it can be something worthwhile when looking back

We become a couple in 2004, and started our real estate careers around 2011 and we have been advising families on their property matters with the basis of life planning in perspective. On 02 October 2019, we tasted joy of being parents. We experienced firsthand that it isn’t easy to balance parenting with our careers. And it is through being parents ourselves, helps us appreciate and love our work in a more profound level.

Mom Dad Home’s purpose is to document our choices we make, learn and discuss with fellow parents, and hopefully one day, our child will get to learn our stories. Therefore, we welcome you to share your experiences as well.
Property has always been my passion. Right after my active army days, I knew for sure I will venture into property. The first seminar I ever attended was a property investment one. And it was then I started this path in 2011. It was scary at first as my dad was very concerned if I could survive this industry with my ‘baby’ face. Nonetheless, the passion in me helped my to clear obstacles after obstacles.
This career proved to be so satisfying because I can craft and design how I want to do this business in my own style. I knew that if I want to live life to the fullest, the work I do must create value to others. To provide the maximum value, I decided to instead focusing on helping others just to sell or buy properties, I began to hone my skills and knowledge in advisory.
Thanks to this advisory approach I adopted, it helps me to continuously expand the zest and meaning in my life.

Hear From You Too.....

For sure, we aren’t the only ones out there, trying to find the perfect balance on parenting and our careers. Getting that balance is an Art.
How do you and your spouse manage this two areas? Did you experiment with different methods? How it turns out? Do you hear from time to time any cool ideas on how to be a better parent? We like to hear from you too…
“ Achieve success in every aspect of your life by giving what you want to others first.”