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Impactful Parenting Lesson from An Basketball Start – Kobe Bryant

On 26 Jan 2020, midnight 4am, I received notification from friend that Kobe Bryant passed on due to a helicopter crash. My immediate thought was, come on, another fake news. But it’s too shocking for me to just put it aside, I googled it, and many more friends start to message each other and social media was in shock too. It turned out that it is true. My heart was devastated. Kobe, was not just a great basketball player or a legend to me. I did not just like his game. He is an entire package of a role model

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From Adversity to An Unexpected Encounter with Diamond

Getting to know this Diamond Cutter Family is one of the most important transformation for Pear and I. In 2014, we experienced a major down fall. We tried to venture a new market and failed badly and resulted in financial loss and a long period without income. At that time Pear and I have already dated for ten years and getting married is what we are looking forward to. But with that situation we are in, I would never have the guts to propose to her, out aside giving her a good marriage. Whatever task or idea I have tried

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Why We Prefer An Alternative Route for Our Kid’s Education

When Kayzen is about 1.5monhs old, I was getting used to the nighttime routine and have some bandwidth to think about what’s next for him. I was exposed to the idea of Montessori style and begin to read up and even bought a book on it. Pear and I even went to visit childcare centers that are incorporating Montessori style. The principals and teachers would think that we are too eager. Haha, and yes I guess we are too eager ????. However we were happy to have done this as we learned that most schools only start with minimum 6months

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The Last Latch

Last night my helplessness reach the max. Pear was sweating all over, trying to clear the lumps for several hours. It was Chinese Lunar New Year Day 2. I reflected on the Three Sufferings I learned before. ​ Obvious physical pain Pain of change – unpleasant & pleasant, like eating to fulfil my hunger makes me hungry again in afew hours Pervasive – we are all dying, every every day, closer & closer So pain is suffering, suffering is pain. Even nice pleasant things is ‘pain’ My thoughts were cut abruptly when Pear finally did a loud sigh “why can’t

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Mothers – The Most Important Profession of the World

The mother before my mother lived through the World war 2 period. I did not get to see her but I would guess she did not have much to offer to my mother in terms of financial and education, but, she gave birth to my mother, sacrificed to a humdrum life of dirty diapers and house cleaning I can only imagined. Both my mother and my wife’s mother lived through the post war period and see their country bloom. They were in a much better environment compared to their mothers, to give and provide to their children. They decided that

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How Do You Describe This Incredible Joy?

The fateful day 02 Oct 2019 arrives and we are in the operation theatre ready to welcome our son. Every second I could still recall now and the amazing feeling of seeing him making his first cry is incredible. There was no time to waste, the nurse immediately ask me to supervise the checking, they need to check if he got the right amount of fingers and toes and ensure he is healthy. I’m so glad that this technical process distracted me from all the blood I would see. When Kayzen first opened his eyes, maybe it was coincidence, but

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We Are Really Becoming Parents?!

Because of our previous miscarriage episode, we want to keep our sanity in place and be calm and not be overly excited when we learn about Pear is pregnant again. The first trimester gone pass and we could feel it was much different from the first pregnancy. She is happier and much healthier this time. Now it gets real but we still wish to contain our excitement. Then, I realized the first job as a father is to decide a name, oh, that was fun! Kayzen is the name we both decided instinctively after many rounds of debate. The meaning

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What Our Miscarriage Taught Us

I am quite a personal person who don’t really like to share my personal stuffs. I find it interesting that I even want to start a website or blog like this. The thought of one day my beloved child, Kayzen, may get to read all these, fuels much conviction and purpose for me to really do this thing. Pear surprised me one day by throwing a pregnancy kit at me while I’m chilling on the sofa. The beautiful feelings surged in me was beyond words. Since then we brought this exciting feeling to every gynae checkups. Pear have heavy pregnancy

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