Rainbow After Roller Coaster

From mid 2018 to mid 2019 was definitely not easy for us. A silent miscarriage situation and then a drastic transition from our maiden company to a new company.

But we are so fortunate. The help we felt most and keeping us afloat comes from a group of committed friends, working on an important task, regardless of any arisen difficulties.

When we first learn about my wife’s first pregnancy, we are literally feeling top of the world. Then shortly after the miscarriage happened and we are really slammed down hard.

Motivation lost, and I was really lost in what should I do with my life. When I lost Chocolate, the experience is so painful, I tasted death in front of me before, but this is something esle. I went to escape mode, I mean what can I do? I just have to accept it right?

Life became different. When I was young, I live to pass my o levels, then basketball competition, get my diploma, I join real estate as I aspired to be like that entrepreneur and I learn from others that your life is a success when u gain an x amount of money. It seems that the pursuit of getting things fuels my living. But when Chocolate is lost, all these don’t even matter to me. I lost the motivation as well.

Everything I see that is not ideal to me I will use positive thinking to twist it around, it’s addictive and super easy.

I began to see my work as a meaningless task, I just want to get by. No reason to earn that money. “Positive thinking” sets me thinking that money will come, I don’t have to do anything.

And now I tasted the poison of this great misunderstanding, I’m fortunate to have the group to show me and I have time to look into this small but growing problem of depleting money and increasing expenses.

The best gift I have is to know this group of committed individuals who are practicing the diamond cutter principles in their lives. And this helped me to get out of this rabbit hole fast.

2019 wrapped and we are really super blessed. Somehow this feels extremely defining in our lives – the first time experiencing such a career ceremony as parents with our Baby Kayzen to participate with us!

And this video sums it all. Feeling very very blessed.